About Boutique Psychology

Q: What is Concierge Psychology?

A:  Concierge therapy, also referred to as Boutique therapy and VIP therapy can be defined as a “total-care” service system implementing an anytime, anywhere practice model whereby clients have the security in knowing that their mental health provider will be available whenever the need arises. Concierge/Boutique/VIP mental health services are designed for a variety of clients who exhibit special needs or circumstances that make it difficult to attend traditional therapy appointments. They are also a great option for clients who seek more intimate forms of therapy.

Q: Where do the Concierge/Boutique/VIP sessions take place?

A: The client can choose the location to meet with the therapist and they can choose to meet in the therapist’s office for a face-to-face visit. The therapist is also available at off-hours virtually using a HIPPA compliant platform (ie) Zoc Doc, What’s App, Zoom, or another platform of the client’s choice (ie) FaceTime, Google Chat or Skype. This can be discussed upon execution of the contract and can change from appointment to appointment at the client’s request.

Q: What are the differences between Concierge/Boutique/VIP and traditional therapy?


  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique clients are entitled to a 25% discount on all psychological services offered by Dr. Susie;
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique clients will enjoy access to therapist within 18 hours of making a request in a unique variety of settings/modalities including: coffee shop, home, road trip and travel options, hospital and surgery companion service, anxiety and depression assessments, mini mental status examinations; career testing; and other locations agreed upon between therapist and client;
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique clients will enjoy a shorter, 12 hour cancellation policy;
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique clients will enjoy priority peak time scheduling (7-10 PM);
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique patients will enjoy access to Dr. Susie on Fridays & Saturdays (by request only) and Sundays for emergencies (additional $25)
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique patients will enjoy a significantly reduced fee for travel time to their desired therapy location if not in office. (add $25 up to 4 miles drive from office); and (add $50 travel time within 5-10 miles of office).
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique patients can communicate with Dr. Susie via text message and emails up to three times a week
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique patients can, upon request, be provided with a SuperBill to submit to their insurer for potential reimbursement (PPO insurance only);
  • VIP/Concierge/Boutique patients will enjoy the ability to schedule sessions with Dr. Susie 48 weeks per year, and Dr. Susie will provide sessions if she is out of town (domestically), when feasible (exception: family or personal emergency); and
  • Patients interested in the VIP/Concierge/Boutique program can choose to have an initial consultation at Dr. Susie’s customary rate to determine if they prefer the VIP program and, if so, 25% of the fee for the initial consultation will be deducted from the annual cost of the program. 
  • Traditional therapy clients require 48 hours minimum to schedule an appointment and appointment times are limited for traditional therapy clients. 
  • Traditional therapy clients meet with therapist either in office or virtually and must cancel appointments at least 48 hours in advance to prevent being charged. 
  • Traditional therapy clients must pay full fees.
  • Traditional therapy clients have no access to therapist between appointments.
  • Traditional therapy clients do not have the ability to schedule during peak hours or weekends, and will not be afforded care while therapist is traveling.

Q: How do I become a VIP client?

A: Simply log onto PsychologyVIP.com and choose the program that is best fit for you under Concierge Services Program Agreement.  You can choose from a 12-month or 6-month program.  You can schedule your appointments directly from the website and if you cannot find a time that works with your schedule, you have the exclusive ability to use the request form from the website or contact Dr. Susie directly via text or phone at 954.294.7036 or via email at drsusie@PsychologyVIP.com to request a time that is convenient for you.