Coaching with Dr. Susie

"Personal Coaching involves helping generally well functioning people create and achieve goals, maximize personal development, and navigate transitions on the path to realizing their ideal vision for the current and emerging chapters of their lives. Most personal coaching clients are focused on the development of an ideal future self, an ideal career, or an improved family life. The coach aids the client through the coaching conversation in developing a coaching agenda, incorporating values clarification, identification of strengths and articulation of the client's current life and career purpose.

The coach supports the client's efforts to engage in lifelong learning, navigate any obstacles, delegate or let go of energy draining situations, honor challenges, and celebrate successes goals proactively." (Jeffrey Aurbach, the director the College of Executive Coaching, and ICF certified coach training program.)

Coaching with DrSusie is a process that will help you transform your life by teaching you new strategies & skills to overcome issues unique to your personality and ways of relating to the world while improving your overall life satisfaction.
With Psychology.VIP you will work collaboratively with a highly experienced, well educated and well trained coach expert to obtain a balanced perspective about your life's goals and aspirations.
Coaching is different from therapy in that it does not focus on clinical issues, or spend time delving into the past of each individual. Rather, Coach Dr. Susie focuses on building on your unique strengths and helping you overcome current problem areas by helping you conquer the unique barriers that prevent your success. PsychologyVIP is solution-focused and helps you to achieve your personal goals.

The International Coach Federation (ICF, www.coachfederation.org), defines coaching as "an ongoing relationship that helps people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations... It is aimed at helping clients discover their goals for improvement, define specific goals and strategies for reaching these goals and then enabling the client, through regular counseling, to achieve these goals. It assumes that "the client is the expert in his or her life and work and that he or she is creative, resourceful and whole."

At PsychologyVIP we custom design your coaching program with your goals in mind - providing you with the canvas and skills to create your own masterpiece called life - guiding you along your journey to navigate your own destination.

PsychologyVIP will help you achieve increased balance, harmony, connection, and overall life gratification through a collaborative, proactive and customized approach to overall wellness.