Body Confidence Assessment

Do you or someone you know suffer with negative body image?

Do you or someone you know go to great lengths to avoid weight gain to find it just doesn’t seem to work?


Answer the following questions and let’s hope you aren’t one of the millions who this crisis affects.

1. Do you find yourself spending too much time thinking about food, body image, and/or caloric intake?

2. Do you have trouble eating with friends and/or family members?

3. Do you feel guilty after you eat?

4. Do you think you are fat, even though people tell you you’re not?

5. Do you feel uncomfortable eating at restaurants or in public places?

6. Do you hoard food or eat only in private?

7. Do you exercise to burn off calories but not for enjoyment?

8. Do you ever feel out of control with your eating?

9. Do you constantly worry about the weight, shape or size of your body?

10. Do you ever make yourself vomit after consuming food?

11. Do you weigh yourself more than once a day or after meals?

12. Do you ever abuse laxatives, diuretics, and/or diet pills?

13. Do you constantly calculate numbers of fat grams, carbohydrates or calories?

14. Do you feel like your identity and value are based on how you look or how much you weigh?


*If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, you may be struggling with a low self-esteem and body image crisis. It’s time to contact Dr. Susie for a consultation to learn how to change your focus; stop destroying yourself; and feel better about yourself from the inside out.