Got Stress?

Stress is a given in our ever changing world. The elimination of stress is not possible nor is it recommended. Stress is actually helpful in moderation, providing a sense of productivity when utilized properly. Low levels of stress can lead to complacency; and high levels of stress can lead to paralysis, anxiety and cognitive deficits. The key to utilizing stress in an effective manner is to manage time. Some of the key ingredients to managing time more effectively are as follows:

  • Keeping a To-Do List
  • Setting Personal Goals
  • Prioritizing
  • Managing Distractions
  • Refraining from Procrastination
  • Biting off As Much as You Can Chew
  • Enjoying Busy AND Embracing Down Time
  • Keeping Focused
  • Welcoming Breaks
  • Scheduling Time Effectively

Let Dr. Susie assist you with the management of your stress.