Organizing Assessment Form

Client Name: _______________________________________ Date: __________________

Organizing your environment is the precursor to an overall organized life! Declutter your space, declutter your mind. Life will begin to flow better and you'll have plenty of time and energy for the things you're passionate about.

Let's get started. Tell us the reasons you decided to hire an organizing coach to guide you along this journey:

___ Organize home/ Eliminate Clutter
___ Organize papers/ Create Filing System
___ Prepare for Relocation
___ Organize in-home Office
___ Organize Business Office
___ Downsize/Simplify
___ Other: ___________________________________________________________________

What areas of your Home or Office do you believe need organizing?

___ Kitchen
___ Closets
___ Pool area
___ Garage
___ Office
___ Kids' Rooms
___ Laundry Room
___ Bathroom(s)
___ Master Bedroom
___ Other: ___________________________________________________________________

1. How does the current state of the space impact your life?


Interpersonal (Family/marital/other relationships):



2. How do you visualize your space to be when this process is complete?

3. How do you visualize yourself to feel when this process is complete?

4. Have you ever attempted to organize this/these spaces on your own?

If yes, what were the results?

If no, what prevented you from attempting?

5. Have you ever worked with an organizer before?
If so, what were the results?

6. Are you prepared to get your project started or are you currently in the planning/budgeting stages?

7. Do you have any current issues that will affect the productivity of our organizing sessions?
(kids out of school/work issues, etc)

Additional information you would like to share with Dr. Susie: