Peer Pressure Assessment

Instructions: Read each statement carefully and determine what you would do in each situation. Circle YES, NO or S/T for "sometime". Bring this form with you to your appointment with Dr. Susie.

1) Sometimes I feel guilty telling my friends "no" when they try to convince me to use drugs. YES NO S/T

2) I go along with my group because sometimes I like rebelling against my parents. YES NO S/T

3) Everyone else does it and it seems harmless, so I do it too. YES NO S/T 

4) My friends get mad at me if I'm not in the mood to cut class on the days they feel like cutting class. YES NO S/T

5) People in my group sometimes do things that I normally wouldn't do, but I end up joining in because I don't want to feel left out. YES NO S/T

6) If I say "no' to my friends, they disapprove of me, so I usually just go along with them so I will still be accepted. YES NO S/T

7) My girl/boyfriend wants me to go "all the way" with her/him. (S)he said everyone is having sex. I don't want to lose her/him. I love her/him. So, I had sex. YES NO S/T

8) I'm afraid of being teased in front of everyone if I say no. YES NO S/T

9) I'm not going to have any friends left if I don't join in. YES NO S/T

10) But, they're the popular kids and I've always felt like a loser. I have to do what they're doing in order to look "kool". YES NO S/T

11) I don't know why I do it, but I just feel like I have to when I'm with my friends. YES NO S/T